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Captain Kidd in Connecticut

Ghosts of New Haven Blog 12 Captain Kidd in Connecticut © 2018 by Dr. Philip Ernest Schoenberg, Ghost with a Blog # Ghost

We know many people from Connecticut commute for work in New York City.  Captain William Kidd the pirate or privateer depending upon your point of view did a reverse commute.

He visited Charles Island in 1699 just before he was captured. Legend has it that he hid a portion of his treasure on the island, some say beneath a giant boulder called Hog Rock. He is said to have laid a curse on anyone who went looking for it.  In reality, the governor of Massachusetts Bay found the horde, gave accounting to the English crown, and returned it to her majesty’s government.

The island is also said to have been cursed by the Paugussett Indian tribe, who were peeved when European settlers took up residence here.  The Amerindians believed the island was a sacred home of the spirits.

Treasure seekers come here anyway, although the only thing that has been found has been of the paranormal ilk: glowing ghosts, disembodied voices and strange noises. The island is now part of Silver Sands State Park, which also includes a nature preserve, is near Milford, Connecticut.