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Pequot Phantoms


“Take an old battle ground or an old hospital or war museum, we all know the feeling of lingering energy, it makes sense as well that the energy helps fuel past and present events whether a ghostly aspiration or paranormal sounds and feelings.” (Quote from Occult Blogger)

In 1633, an epidemic devastated much of the region’s Native population and historians estimate that the Pequot suffered the loss of 80 percent of their entire population. The Pequot War and Mystic Massacre further eliminated the tribe as a viable socio-political entity in southern New England.  In 1637, the Pequot suffered very heavy losses at the battle of Fairfield.  The Quinnipiac Indians who lived in New Haven reported the fleeing Pequots to the English and their allies.


After the war ended in 1638, most of the 1,500 surviving Pequots were divided as slaves among the English and two tribes allied with the Europeans, the Mohegan and the Narraganset, and were gradually assimilated into these cultures over the next three centuries.   Perhaps that is why you one can still hear the plaintive cries of the Pequot Indians that once dwelled in the area.  They lament what happened to their nation.


However, they are no longer Phantoms.  You can no longer hear their cries or their camp fires.  That is actually good news because they have come back. They are now recognized by the federal government as a tribe and set up a Foxwood Resort Casino complex in the eastern part of Connecticut.  They have become Connecticut’s largest private employer.






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