Ghosts of New Haven

The Spookiest Tours in New Haven


New Haven City Hall Haunt © 2018 by Dr. Philip Ernest Schoenberg,

New Haven City Hall, at 165 Church Street, was built in 1861 by Henry Austin.  It is one of the country’s oldest and finest examples of the High Victorian architecture.  He also designed the gates of the Grove Street Cemetery and Dwight Hall of Yale University. A ghost haunts the iron staircase. Its footsteps can…

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Center Church Spirits

People who nod off during Center Church pm the Green services at 311 Temple Street claim they hear a voice asking if they have been saved.  Sometimes they even see a face that asks this question.  They then recognize that this image of  Theophilus Eaton, the co-founder of New Haven and of the church.   This…

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