Ghosts of New Haven

The Spookiest Tours in New Haven


Did I See a Ghost?

Ghosts of New Haven 17 Did I See a Ghost? © 2018 By Dr. Philip Ernest Schoenberg, the founder and president of Ghosts of Albany, Ghosts of New Haven, Ghosts of New York, and Chairman of Scary DC? I have been doing ghost walks since 2005 and started an all-year round ghost company in 2006. …

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The Ghost at Vanderbilt Hall of Yale University

Ghosts of New Haven Blog 18 © 2018 by Philip Ernest Schoenberg, Ghost with a Blog # Ghost Cornelius Vanderbilt, originally from Staten Island, borrowed $100 from his mother to start a ferry business in which rowed the boat from Staten Island to Manhattan and back. He was the operator of the steamboat ferry line…

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