Ghosts of New Haven

The Spookiest Tours in New Haven


The Specters of the Skull and Bones Secret Society

Yale senior William Russell founded Yale’s most famous secret society in 1832 , Skulls & Bones, at 64 High Street, dedicated to Eulogia, the goddess of eloquence.  The “bonesmen” as they are known took the skull and the crossbones as their symbol from which they received their nickname.  Construction of the windowless Greco-Egyptian…

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The Most Haunted Sky Scraper in the World

The Old Union Trust Building (now the home of the Wells Fargo Bank)  is the haunted skyscraper in the world with over one hundred documented stories of various hauntings and unusual events taking place  at the corner of 205 Church and Elm Streets across from New Haven County Courthouse   On…

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Sergeant Stubby Standing Tall at the New Haven Green

A 1928 flagpole in the center of the New Haven Green’s eastern section honors residents lost in the First World War. The dedication on the east face of the monument’s eight-sided base reads, “In grateful memory of her heroic sons who fell in the service of their country, 1917-1918, the city of New…

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