Ghosts of New Haven

The Spookiest Tours in New Haven


The Spectral Seat at the Old Yale Law School Library

Before the Sterling Building was constructed in 1931 to house the Yale Law School and its library, law students in the library recounted a rumor, a legend, that a particular seat was “lucky.”  Whoever sat there would simply have the good luck to find the book he was searching for. Even more, a student would…

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The Specters of the Amistad

Ghosts of New Haven Blog 5 The Specters of the Amistad © 2017 by Dr. Philip Ernest Schoenberg, Ghost with a Blog # Ghost   A group of Africans were stolen from their homeland to be sold as slaves.  They survived the middle passage.  The slave ship evaded the international anti-slavery patrols because by that…

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