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The Lincoln Oak Tree


“The Lincoln Oak Tree is on the New Haven green near Center Church. The crypt is under Center Church, that’s my next ghost story.,” Guide and psychic Chrystyne McGrath recounts, “On the tour, I take the group to the seedling on the New Haven Green where the Lincoln Oak tree fell over.  The New Haven Green is known for The Lincoln Oak Tree, which was planted in 1909 to commemorate Abraham Lincoln’s 100th birthday. During Hurricane Sandy October 2012, the tree fell over revealing the bones that belonged to seven individuals from the 1790s, including two adults and a child buried with a toy marble. Their remains, in some instances consisting only of bone fragments, had become entangled in the roots of the Lincoln Oak tree.

By accident, I discovered an energy pull, six feet from the seedlings near the tree. I have the guests stand on it during the tour. The biggest skeptics all admit they feel a rocking motion when they stand on it. It feels like a vortex, a collection of energies buried on the green.  I have people stand on this spot and close their eyes, they all say they feel a rocking motion.”

It was no wonder because, after a storm, I discovered entwined in the tree’s roots were a human skull, as well as other bones and bone fragments.

I contacted the authorities to alert them. “No question they hit that child,” A researcher said. “Whether they were aware of it? We have no indication.” Could this be the boy who haunts the green?  Remains included a child age 7-9, possibly male; a pair of children age 3-4, one probably male and the other probably female; and a second adult. In addition, there were fragments from two other individuals. “What we had were inverted skeletons,” a researcher explained. “They were in kind of a yoga position. In all my years, I’ve never seen this kind of position.” This probably accounts for the little Ghost Boy that walks the Green. He is known to walk behind women walking alone and talk to them.

After the bones were discovered, investigators also turned up a pair of time capsules encased in cement from the time the Lincoln Oak was planted. One time capsule held items relating to Lincoln, including medallions, newspapers, a grapeshot ball and a bullet from the battlefield at Gettysburg. The other time capsule contained coins, letters, roster lists and a medal from the Grand Army of the Republic. The insertion of the time capsules in 1909 at least partially disturbed the body of the child who had been buried with a clay marble. That marble, in fact, was stuck in the time capsule cement, as was a portion of the bone.

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